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About Us

Our Mission: Awaken the Planet

We are here to help you, those souls who are going through a spiritual awakening or kundalini awakening process on an individual and on a collective basis.  We exist to help you wake up your innate God-given power, to help you understand your spiritual energy and activate your potential for Divine Presence.  We are here to teach you and lead the way so that you can embody your true authentic Self and become the Highest Version of Yourself– totally fulfilled, living your truth, and radiating joy, happiness, grace, love, beauty and finding peace within yourself.  Our Institute’s mission is to help you align with the Divine Plan for your Soul and accelerate your spiritual evolution, because as you move forward along your spiritual awakening journey, you not only awaken yourself– you awaken the world.

“You have a great potential inside of you, if only you knew how to tap into it and be courageous enough to walk your own unique path of spiritual awakening, you could become the best, happiest, most radiant version of yourself.”

Lauren Love, CEO Divine Energetics Institute

Certified Trainer of NLP, Spiritual Life Coach, Master Hypnotist and Huna Energy Practitioner

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Our Classes

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Kundalini Awakening Course and Meditations

Enroll in our revolutionary 12 week signature program to help you achieve rapid spiritual transformation. Each week you learn the 9 keys to unlocking your divine potential and the energetics behind applying it to your life. Utilizing the technology given to you in this course, you will activate your energetic centers and awaken the dormant divine energy within so that you can become your best, truest Divine version of yourself, awakened and empowered to live a happy, purposeful life.

Free Classes and Resources

Explore our generous library of free resources to help you activate your divine potential and learn how to navigate and live a soul awakened life in these challenging modern times.  Join our monthly classes here at the Institute, read the Divine Energetics book, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and sign up to receive our weekly newsletter and updates straight to your inbox to support and enlighten your spiritual awakening and journey.

Spiritual Life Coaching Programs

Do you feel lost, alone and in need of guidance?  Do you want to increase your inner self worth and confidence? Improve your relationships? Experience a more fulfilling career and abundant finances? Desire radiant health and vitality? Spiritual Life Coaching is for those soul seekers who want to work on every area of their life– physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to create a transformation. Wake up and empower yourself to break free of the past and create an amazing life of purpose, passion and fulfillment with our spiritual life coaching programs.

Why Choose Us

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Now more than ever, people are seeking community, family and somewhere to feel safe.  Our Sacred Community is a place where we encourage you to be yourself and to express yourself like never before.  We believe that everything you need to awaken is already inside of you– we are just here to guide you and show you how to tap into your innate Divine potential.  You are evolving at a rapid pace, and you need people to support you!  If you want to work on yourself and move forward on your spiritual awakening journey with a group of like-minded souls, the Daily Bliss Sacred Community is the place for you.  As a member, you receive daily journaling prompts, exclusive trainings and easy-to-follow lessons to apply each month so that you can move forward along your spiritual path, feeling connected and at home for just minutes a day.

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